A Body Divided Cannot Stand

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useful site Imagine you feel on top of the world. Your brain is surging with dopamine, and your posture is tall; you are making progress towards your goals. Now, imagine the very next day you have a terrible migraine. You think negative thoughts about yourself and others. Your head is pounding, and your body is slumped as if to protect itself. The only thing you feel like doing is escaping the outside world and curling up in a dark bedroom.

online dating horror stories yahoo What changed between these two extremes? The differences in thought, posture, and experience are apparent; however, the cause of the change is far more difficult to decipher. The headache feels physical; perhaps, your head was a bit too far forward. This forward head posture may have been a result of self-doubt or feeling the need to please someone else while in conversation. The self-doubt may have resulted from a not so positive experience such as a date where the other party didn’t appear interested. We like to think in this linear pattern of cause and effect; however, when it comes to the body and the mind, their entanglement often makes parsing cause and effect impossible. Your posture and self-doubt may very well have begun to creep up, causing the lousy date which you think is the source of your problems.

asian guy dating muslim girl The point of this article is not to help you find the root of your mental problems, but, instead, for you to stop searching. The truth is your body is your brain (and your brain is your body). If you can’t accept this, you can at least acknowledge that the way you hold your body affects how you think and the way you feel affects your posture and the converse. The brain is an expression of the body, and the body is a manifestation of the mind. Denying and segmenting the two will only lead to more mental and physical agony.

best opening lines for online dating emails Western society traditionally likes to think as above the head as smart and below the head ignorant. This is seen in the trend of looking down on blue-collar jobs and calling white-collar jobs “knowledge work,” implying that somehow these “lesser” jobs do not require thought or intelligence. This is, of course, ridiculous with some white-collar jobs requiring little more than a drone-like repetition of the same task. In addition, these blue-collar workers are more likely to be tapped into the inherent wisdom of the body while escaping the cage of the cubicle and desk. Think of all the things your body knows how to do which you cannot adequately explain with your mind, such as the communication between your organs in response to external stimuli. Hans Moravec, a robotics professor, goes as far to say in his book Mind Children, “the deliberate process we call reasoning is … the thinnest veneer of human thought, effective only because it is supported by this much older and much more powerful, though usually unconscious, sensorimotor knowledge.”

read here For those of us who like to spend time deep in contemplation, we often fool ourselves into thinking that we can solve our problems by staying up in our head. This stagnation leads to more pain in the body and mind including negative self-talk such as calling ourselves lazy, stupid, or paranoid. Instead, we should turn to the wisdom of the physical to solve the problems of our mind because our body is far easier to control than our unwieldy thoughts. Feeling low on energy? Go for a run or a brisk walk. Feeling tense and anxious? Practice deep breathing and find a place that you can stretch or shake your body. Feeling down on yourself? Assume a tall posture and saunter. Unable to get out of your head? Practice a form of meditation so that you focus on your breathing instead.

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